The Cobra wood Scrapers are
chosen by hardwood floor
professionals to save time

Jungle Jim Tools got started in the late 90’s. Jim started working for Tucker Floors out of Sant Cruz, CA in the mid 80‘s and the Tuckers made their own scraper handles out of wood. I thought that was pretty nifty & stream lined a scraper design of my own inspired by my fathers successful entrepreneurial spirit as an independent software designer.

There was a work slow down in the economy in the late 90’s which gave me a bit of time to get creative and thought my scraper design was worth manufacturing and had an injection mold made for the Original Cobra Scraper.
I always made my own prototypes and drawings for manufacturers

Half a decade later after The Cobra Classic hit a few specialty flooring distributors shelves, the 1 1/2” Cobra Detail Scraper was born as I saw a need for a scraper & blade that had tapered edges to get in to places other scrapers can’t.

So, as we are not yet huge in profitability or widely known Jungle Jim Tools sales has sustained itself and it keeps me active in the wood floor industry. As a C-15 contractor I am always using the scrapers.